Study Abroad


Students who need financial aid for a study abroad program must submit a FAFSA and complete all the following steps:

  • Meet with study abroad coordinator.
  • Submit a budget for term abroad to SFAS.
  • Meet with Financial Aid Adviser with Hua Kao in SFAS.
  • Submit the Study Abroad Agreement Form to SFAS.

Grants and scholarships are reduced if a student registers for less than 12 hours (less than 15 for IL Map Grant recipients) while studying abroad.

Financial Aid Package

After submitting required documentation, students will receive an email indicating a revised electronic financial aid notification is ready to view.

Study abroad funds will be similar to on-campus awards for students registered full-time. Study abroad students are not eligible for more gift assistance.

Increases in financial aid for study abroad costs will require additional loans such as a Federal Direct Subsidized, Unsubsidized, PLUS and/or Alternative loans.


Most financial aid funds are credited directly to student accounts shortly before the first day of classes at UIC.
UIC charges are deducted from financial aid proceeds and the remaining funds are refunded via direct deposit. The student is responsible to pay the abroad program directly once the student receives his or her refund.

After the Term

Study abroad transcripts must show: (1) student earned the amount of hours they received aid for during the term abroad towards graduation (2) student received grades of at least a D or above. Students who do not meet requirements may be responsible for repaying funds to UIC.