Cost of Attendance (COA)

Financial aid notifications list anticipated expenses which reflect the Cost of Attendance (COA) students may encounter during the academic year. The total COA is an estimate, not a bill, and actual costs may vary. Examples of Cost of Attendance can be viewed below.

Direct vs Indirect Costs

  • Direct Costs are paid to the university bill and include tuition and differential, fees, and room and board for students living on campus.
  • Indirect Costs are anticipated expenses students may incur. These costs include books and supplies, travel, and miscellaneous personal expenses. Room and board are indirect costs for students living off campus.

Students should contact Student Financial Aid and Scholarships to request a review of their cost of attendance if actual expenses are significantly different from the costs listed on their financial aid notification. Child care, computer, study abroad and disability related expenses can be taken into consideration with the submission of the proper paperwork.