Change of Financial Situation Appeal

If a student, a student's parent, or a student's spouse, if married, experiences a change in their financial situation, the student's financial aid may be recalculated through a process called Change of Financial Situation Appeal.


Please note:

We are no longer accepting appeals for the Fall 2020 COVID 19 Emergency Grant as all funds have been exhausted.

Students who have a 0 Expected Family Contribution from the FAFSA are already receiving the maximum amount of financial aid. Submitting a Change of Financial Situation request will most likely not result in additional financial aid resources for these students.

If you are unsure of your EFC, this information is listed on the Student Aid Report emailed to you when you completed your FAFSA and is also listed on your Financial Aid Notification available via the UIC Student Portal:

Dependent Students

Independent Students

Next Steps

In order to submit your Change of Financial Situation Appeal to our office, you will first need to contact your Financial Aid Counselor and let them know you want to submit a Change of Financial Situation Appeal. Next, your Financial Aid Counselor will provide you with instructions to upload your documents to the UIC Student Portal:

Once you have submitted your documentation, SFAS will review the documentation you submit and make any necessary corrections to your FAFSA information. The Change of Financial Situation process generally takes two to three weeks to review documentation. You will be notified via email if additional documentation is needed.

If you have any questions about a Change of Financial Situation, please review our Contact Us information to contact your Financial Aid Counselor. You can also send an email to our general SFAS email account at