Award Letter

Electronic Award Letter Notification

SFAS awards financial aid once the FAFSA and any required documents are processed. Students will receive email instructions to login to and view the award letter under the "Finances" tab.

SFAS begins awarding aid to incoming students by February. Continuing students are awarded in June. Students should accept award letters online as soon as possible so the SFAS can finalize packaging for the upcoming year.

Important: Initial financial aid award letters are based upon full-time enrollment for the fall and spring terms. When reviewing a financial aid award letter online, report any changes in enrollment so adjustments may be made. If adjustments are not made in advance, awards will be corrected based upon actual enrollment after the add/drop period each semester. Students who do not enroll full-time will be billed after the add/drop period for any refund/financial aid overpayment if they do not report the changes.

Award Letter Adjustments

Financial aid awards can be increased, decreased, or canceled at any time due to outside financial resources (tuition waivers and scholarships), pending required documentation, corrections to FAFSAs, or enrollment adjustments. If aid is adjusted, students will receive an email notification of a Revised Electronic Award Letter.