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Monetary Award Program (MAP) Heading link

***2023-2024 Map Update:  ISAC is suspending the announcement of 2023-24 Monetary Award Program (MAP) grants for applicants whose initial 2023-24 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) is received by the Central Processing System (CPS), or whose initial Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid is received by ISAC, on or after Saturday, September 23, 2023.***


The Monetary Award Program (MAP) is a grant program administered by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) and funded by the State of Illinois. MAP provides payment toward college tuition and mandatory fee costs at Illinois institutions participating in the program.

Eligibility for MAP is based on financial need—not high school grades or test scores. MAP Grant is determined using the information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or using the information provided on the Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid (for those students who are eligible to file the latter application). MAP is awarded to students in all sectors, is available to both full- and part-time students, and is open to returning adult and traditional undergraduate students.

Colleges use the MAP formula to determine eligibility.  Several components are used to determine eligibility, including information provided on your FAFSA/RISE, the cost of attendance at the college you plan to attend, and the amount of other financial aid you are receiving.

Each academic year, the amount of your maximum annual award will be the least of:

  1. the eligible amount as determined by an analysis of financial circumstances,
  2. the maximum amount which ISAC allows for tuition and fees at the college, or
  3. $8,400 for the 2023-24 and subsequent academic years ($7,200 for the 2022-23 academic year)**.
  4. When added to the other financial aid available to you for that year, the total amount of MAP assistance awarded to you in a given academic year cannot exceed the cost of attendance at your college.

To be eligible, you must:

  • be a U.S. citizen or an eligible noncitizen or meet the “undocumented student” criteria of the RISE Act
  • be an Illinois resident (if you are a dependent, the parent whose information is used on the FAFSA must be an Illinois resident)
  • demonstrate financial need
  • be enrolled a minimum of 3 hours per term at an approved Illinois college in a degree or certificate program (effective July 1, 2022, for the 2022-23 academic year: includes credit-bearing certificate programs that are offered at public institutions and are less than one academic year in length)
  • maintain satisfactory academic progress as determined by your college
  • not be in default on any student loan, nor owe a refund on any state or federal grant (if you are in default, you may re-establish your MAP eligibility).
  • not have received a bachelor’s degree
  • not have used the equivalent of 135 MAP Paid Credit Hours*or more (MAP Paid Credit Hours usage is determined by your enrollment status each term)
  • not be incarcerated

*Tracking Eligibility: Eligibility for a MAP grant is tracked by MAP Paid Credit Hours, which are the equivalent number of semester credit hours of MAP benefits paid on your behalf.

You need to know the following:

  •       Limit for Each Term: Payment for each term is being made according to the equivalent number of credit hours eligible for MAP payment, with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 15 MAP Paid Credit Hours. If you are enrolled for the equivalent of 15 or more credit hours, the number of MAP Paid Credit Hours assessed will be 15. If you register for a different number of credit hours during the various terms of the same academic year, your actual MAP award may be different for each of those terms.
  •       Total Limit: The maximum number of MAP Paid Credit Hours is capped at 135. Eligibility may be extended for one additional term if you have accumulated fewer than 135 MAP Paid Credit Hours but do not have enough credit hours of payment remaining for the number of hours you are enrolled for the term.

For questions about your MAP Grant please contact ISAC’s Call Center

1755 Lake Cook Road
Deerfield, IL 60015-5209
Phone: 800.899.ISAC (4722)
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CT
Fax: 847.831.8549
Spanish-speaking counselors are also available.

The chart below details MAP eligibility by term based on enrolled credit hours.
Hours Enrolled Approximate Percentage of MAP
15+ 100%
14 93%
13 86%
12 80%
11 73%
10 66%
9 60%
8 53%
7 46%
6 40%
5 33%
4 26%
3 20%
2 0%