Monetary Award Program (MAP)

The State of Illinois funds the MAP Grant, which ranges in awards of $300 to $5496 for the full academic year. Eligible students (and parents, if dependent) must be Illinois residents, undergraduates, complete the FAFSA or Illinois RISE Act application before the state’s deadline and meet financial eligibility criteria. Students are encouraged to file the FAFSA as of December 1 or the RISE Act application.

MAP will be included on the financial aid notifications of students who meet the eligibility requirements.

MAP funding is limited and levels are appropriated by the Illinois General Assembly. Reductions to MAP Grants are possible due to state funding constraints. UIC will not cover shortfalls due to reduced MAP Grant funding.

MAP disbursement is based on credit enrollment, with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 15 paid hours per term. The maximum number of MAP paid hours is 135.

The chart below details MAP eligibility by term based on enrolled credit hours.

Hours Enrolled Approximate Percentage of MAP
15+ 100%
14 93%
13 86%
12 80%
11 73%
10 66%
9 60%
8 53%
7 46%
6 40%
5 33%
4 26%
3 20%
2 0%