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Financial Aid


Neither paying for one's classes nor sitting out a term affects a student's academic progress standing, so neither is sufficient to reestablish financial aid eligibility. If a student's aid is cancelled due to not maintaining satisfactory academic progress, the student can have their eligibility reinstated once he/she is in good standing with all SAP requirements. Students may reestablish eligibility for financial aid at any point during the academic year and be given the same consideration for aid as other students maintaining satisfactory academic progress. Depending upon when students regain their eligibility, they may become eligible for financial aid for the payment period in which it is determined they have met the SAP requirements, otherwise it would become effective the following payment period. Students should track their progress as it is their responsibility to notify the OSFA in writing if they feel they have regained their financial aid eligibility. Since SAP is only reviewed at the conclusion of the spring term for all students, it is extremely important that students notify the OSFA in a timely fashion, if they feel they have regained eligibility during the summer and/or fall terms.

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