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Financial Aid

Dependency Override

Students are considered dependent or independent based on information provided on the FAFSA. Most undergraduate students are considered dependent. All graduate students are considered independent. Dependent students must report parental income information on the FAFSA. Dependency is not a status of choice. Dependency status for financial aid is not based on whether or not: a student lives with a parent, a student is financially self-supportive, or parents claim a student as a dependent on their taxes.

In rare circumstances, a student who does not meet the FAFSA requirements for independent status can be considered independent provided they complete and submit a Dependency Override Request Form and the appropriate supporting documentation. This is done only in extreme circumstances and must be thoroughly documented. Parents’ refusal to provide income information on the FAFSA is not a sufficient reason for a dependency override appeal; neither is a student’s financial self-sufficiency. If you think your situation warrants an override of dependency status, please contact the OSFA and speak with your counselor.

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